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This tool generates a high visibility augmented reality marker designed to have many available tracking points. You can select whether you would like a marker optimized for Vuforia or ARToolkit based libraries.



I am relatively new to augmented reality but one issue I observed immediately was the lack of a good resource for generating highly trackable and uniform markers. For example, Vuforia provides a great sample image but as soon as you need to expand to multiple markers, you are left tracking down (oh the puns) your own set of markers. In addition, I wanted to be able to provide a uniform look to the markers without needed to generate each one by hand. This need is what led me to create the above utility.

API Support

Do you need to generate markers on the fly? You can use our simple request API below.
You can include URL parameters to configure the generated marker. The table below provides a list of the available parameters.

Name Type Default Description
type string vuforia Specifies the type of marker to generate. Available options are vuforia and artoolkit.
size number 1024 Specifies the size of marker to generate. The maximum size available is 2048.
label string null The label will be printed along the top border of the generated marker. This is useful for keeping track of your markers.
download bool true Indicates that the request should trigger a download within the browser (attachment)

Source Code

The source code for the API as well as this documentation is available on GitHub. Feel free to check out the project at